Cetop Member

TGS Pneumatics
c/o Transmissionsgruppen i Sverige AB P.O. Box 140 78
167 14 Bromma
Phone: +46 76 948 2803

TGS Pneumatics service:

  • Couplings/brakes
  • Components
  • Gear and 1999s
  • Linear products
  • Inverter and servo
  • 1- and 3-phase motors

TGS works with market statistics, market trends and economic barometers. Furthermore, we negotiate with, among others, exhibition organisers and carry out training/provide information in the industry through interesting speakers and study visits.
Different product areas
Transmission equipment is a wide range, from simple components to complete systems. To take advantage of all the interests, there are six product groups. Representatives of each group/product area have separate meetings in connection with the annual and autumn meeting and/or if necessary. These are responsible for the market statistics in each area, all in order to make the statistics as relevant and usable as possible.