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1217 Copenhagen K
Phone: ++45 3374 6000
E-Mail: kontakt@bitva.dk
Web: www.bitva.dk

BITVA service:

    • Providing technical support to its members
    • Organising seminars of domestic and foreign experts
    • Representing and promoting the profession
    • Organising international conferences

BITVA is a commercially oriented nationwide industry association with more than 140 member companies. The industry’s companies are suppliers of all types of automation and automation solutions, transmission systems, tools and machine tools, accessories, equipment, spare parts, etc.
BITVA’s mission is to ensure continued development in the industry through the industry’s interests towards authorities and promote professional advice to the industry’s customers at
• conveying knowledge about – and insight into industry development
• promoting the social and professional network in the industry
• taking care of the industry’s interests
• to convey to knowledge about all matters that are of general interest to the industry
• promoting access to skilled labor to the industry