IndustryID evolves to a widely recognized skills passport

Technologies are constantly changing at a rapid pace. For this reason, it has become essential in technical and industrial sectors to have a lifelong learning approach.

A system that provides a clear overview of their skills can help technicians in career development, and employers and clients in selecting qualified engineering staff and maintenance crews.

In 2022, IndustryID has been introduced, a professional skills passport that allows training to be easily registered. With IndustryID, industrial plant owners and management can easily see the competencies of technicians working on their installations. Furthermore, technicians become more valuable in the job market, as they will have better insight into their learning paths, and their employers are better equipped to assist them in their lifelong learning journeys.

IndustryID is an initiative of FEDAcademie, a Dutch foundation committed to promoting lifelong learning in technology, and has evolved to a widely recognized skills passport. In the past year, many technical training centers have joined this industry-wide initiative. With IndustryID, FEDAcademie aims to boost lifelong learning. The learning path becomes transparent, as do the competencies and training courses taken. By ensuring that only people with the right knowledge work on technical installations, quality and safety in industrial processes will be increased.

Industry-wide skills passport

IndustryID is a professional skills passport that allows skills and qualifications to be registered. By simply scanning the NFC chip or QR code on the IndustryID passport, another person can view online your training history and competency profile. In the same time, it serves as an industrial access pass, allowing you to demonstrate to clients and employers the type of installations and technologies you are qualified to work on. This system is not limited to a specific industry, but can be used in all industries.

“It gives clients a guarantee that employees possess sufficient competencies and training to perform safely their maintenance and engineering tasks, especially as technologies are constantly changing,” explained Marc Vissers, board member of FEDAcademie, the foundation behind IndustryID, during last year’s introduction event of IndustryID. “Users gain better understanding of their learning paths. But the system also offers various benefits for employers. For example, the extra checks by IndustryID provide certainty about authenticity of completed training courses, which is of great value when hiring new employees.”

Authenticity and privacy assured

IndustryID passports are available to students of IndustryID certified technical training centers, including all Dutch CETOP approved education centers. The trainer adds completed training courses. The organization behind IndustryID then performs an additional check, ensuring the accuracy of registered training courses and personal data. The system registers completed training courses but also proactively warns a user when the validity of a diploma or certificate is about to expire.

Privacy is ensured because only the user allows someone else to access personal information by scanning the passport.

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