VDMA relieved about summit agreement

It is now important that technology-neutral and cross-sectoral measures are implemented without further detailed government regulations. The EU should rely on entrepreneurial freedom to relaunch the European economy.

Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of VDMA, comments on the outcome of the EU summit:
"We are relieved that the EU summit after days of negotiations finally agreed on the Corona Aid Fund and a new EU multi-year budget. It would have been a devastating signal if, even in this exceptional situation, Europe had not been prepared to show solidarity with the countries hardest hit by the pandemic.
The biggest economic crisis since the Second World War needs a European response. Now it is important not to let the aid money trickle away ineffectively, but to efficiently boost the European economy again.

"The biggest economic crisis since World War II needs a European response."

To this end, the EU member states must take market economy principles into account when using the money. Specifically, we need technology-neutral and cross-sectoral measures - without further detailed state regulations and without new bureaucratic hurdles for companies. The EU should focus on entrepreneurial freedom in revitalising the European economy. Infrastructure investments in climate protection and digitisation with medium to long-term effects are the right priorities".