The Dutch member association FEDA informs about its Business Intelligence Update

From big data to new insights

Business Intelligence, or BI, you probably have heard about it. But what does it actually mean? Wikipedia describes it as " the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information." Nowadays we have a huge amount of data at our disposal. And it is quite a puzzle to get a clear insight of all this data from different sources.
That is why we have developed a BI Portal for our members in accordance with the FEDA motto "Boost your Business".

BI specialist Ilse Lagendijk solves these puzzles as much as possible for our members and both the reports and the insights are presented in the portal. This allows us to obtain an overview of the most important trends through targeted analysis. From incoherent data to reliable, up-to-date and understandable information. This allows our members to adjust their business operations where necessary and to anticipate.

Take, for example, the corona crisis, which requires quick adjustments and where we now often direct with our feelings and emotions. The portal provides targeted information from various reliable sources, so that based on this data substantiated direction can be given to the company.

Current insights in the midst of the corona crisis

In times like these, insight into what lies ahead of us in the economic field is even more important than usual. It is inevitable that the intelligent lockdown will have an impact on the economy of the Netherlands. For example, figures from Oxford Economics show that the Dutch economy shrank by 1.7% in the first quarter of 2020, a mild decline compared to the entire Eurozone. They also predict that the impact will be greater in the second quarter. Despite these negative effects, a rapid recovery is expected in 2021. New insights can be found every month on the FEDA BI portal.
New insights can also be obtained by looking back on this special year. The effects on the industry can be identified on the basis of surveys among FEDA members and CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) custom reports during the year. Visual overviews and reports are shared on the FEDA BI portal.

How does the BI Portal work?

FEDA has accounts available on request for all members. The FEDA BI Portal is constantly updated, especially now, so that all important, current information is available online. Data from Nevi and Oxford Economics is frequently updated and many reports and documents are available. Members are also regularly asked to provide information that enables them to look at developments in the past period per industrial sector.
We receive positive responses from members about the BI Portal, for example, members find the industry figures very useful to apply in the business strategy. In short: FEDA to "Boost your Business!"
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