Technical Industry in Belgium - Evaluation Q3 - 2020

Due to high concentration of inhabitants in our small country we peaked at the second wave of pandemic. We took the right measures and we are now decreasing the infection rate at the same speed.

Nevertheless, we shall keep the same stringent rules till January. Hopeful news: since more than a month Pfizer Belgium is producing thousands of vaccine and announced to be allowed to bring these on the market from 30/12/2020 on!

Real Gross Domestic Product in Belgium is exactly at the same forecast for 2020 as the average in Europe: - 8,7 %. We expect an increase of 6,5% in 2021.

The turnover in our technical Industry dropped down by 13,5 % due to the confinement.

Although the export market in the world decreased with - 28 %, Europe with - 17 %, the Belgian export for technical products increased to nearly 5 %.

The Belgian entrepreneur regained confidence in September, but is now stagnating. We also expect a more moderate recovery next year.

Members of our Federation InduMotion replied to our Q3 -2020 study. The market of Hydraulics in Belgium decreased by 17,08% against same period in 2019. Pneumatics is down with 12,86 %