CETOP acts as the focus point for the many years of experience of a European component-supplier industry which enjoys a very high level of success in world-wide competition. The knowledge of experts from 17 countries is available both to CETOP members and the general public in the form of various publications. These provide answers to the following question

CETOP Directory:
Among the 1,000 companies and more which are members of CETOP via their national associations, which companies offer which products?

CETOP Position Papers:
Does CETOP have a particular position, or has it issued a statement, on the effects of the various European Union Directives on the fluid power industry?

Education Recommendations:

What Recommendations does CETOP have for initial and further training in the area of fluid power? All Education Recommendations are featured on the CETOP website.

List of Technical Magazines:
Which European magazines deal specifically with hydraulics and pneumatics?

List of exhibitions:
What interesting fluid-power exhibitions are taking place world-wide?

Technical Recommendations:
All CETOP Technical Recommendations (Recommendations, Provisional Recommendations and Technical Reports) are no longer available for purchase from 21st June 2002 and are officially withdrawn.
This does not refer to any Position Paper nor to the CETOP Recommendations concerning Education.

CETOP poster on ATEX
In 2008, CETOP published a poster giving information regarding the ATEX Directive and standards relating to fluid power. Meanwhile, some of these standards, especially related to the marking of products, have changed. Therefore, the ATEX poster is no longer valid. Consequently, the CETOP General Assembly in the meeting on 31 May 2013 in The Hague, Netherlands, withdrew the CETOP poster on ATEX.