New Chairman for FEDA

The Dutch member association FEDA elected Arjan Coppens, Bosch Rexroth, as its new chairman. Arjan Coppens says about his appointment:

"At the start of this year I was appointed chairman of FEDA, our trade association. A centre of excellence comprising member companies dedicated to the advancement of their field: drive and control technology. 

As a trade association, we can offer support. Not in the form of specialist expertise, of course; the members are the experts. So, how? That's for the members to decide. I have long been a member of FEDA, and one project I was involved in was to prepare a roadmap for the 'Hydraulic Solutions' technology group. This proved to be an effective template for the entire association, and it has revealed the areas in which members are already pro-active, such as profiling, education, member recruitment and external parties. This shows clearly that FEDA wants to grow and spread the message that this is a rewarding field to work in. And who's best positioned to help with this? Exactly: FEDA.

Arjan Coppens, Bosch Rexroth

Bringing the right people together to achieve objectives - I've believed in that for my entire career, and it's also something I like to do. This has already resulted in several 'gems' at FEDA. To name just a few, the Technical Training Courses delivered in cooperation with MK Publishing, the joint organization of the DFPTC with the Hydraulic Platform Association, the training courses with BFPA in the UK, the affiliation with CETOP, and possibly also Eurotrans in April…

The first training centre is now certified via the CETOP (Fluid Power) certification working party, while three others are looking forward to an audit once the corona crisis is behind us. In addition, we are considering individual certification and examination, and we are also writing a recommendation for the electronics training level for Fluid Power.

In a nutshell, we can rightly say that we continue to be 100% committed to 'boosting your business' - FEDA's main mission. Even when times are difficult, such as when confronted with the effects of the Covid-19 virus as we are now, members still reach out to each other. Despite the physical restrictions, we all still need to 'associate'. Fortunately, we are creative enough to get together via digital channels, and perhaps to use the opportunity to finally take a good look at the 'business intelligence package' - the association's initiative that enables members to access and analyse domestic and international market data.

Tough times soon fade into memory. FEDA NEXT."