International Sealing Conference

20th_ISC_logoThe Fluid Power Association of VDMA (the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association), with its Fluid Power Sealing Group is organizing the 20th ISC International Sealing Conference on October 10 and 11, 2018, at the University of Stuttgart. The Conference will be held under the scientific auspices of Dr.-Ing. Frank Bauer, the new director of sealing technology at the Institute of Machine Components of the University of Stuttgart.

Stagnation means regression. By overcoming their former performance limits, seals contribute to the development of modern, environmentally friendly, efficient and high-performance technical products, such as pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, vehicles or machines and installations.
Therefore the motto for the Conference will be

Sealing Technology - Beyond Limitations

The aim of this Conference is to present the results of scientific research, results of development and experiences of users, and to allow for transferring this information with academia, manufacturer, users, commerce, suppliers and service providers.
Topics at the 20th ISC:

  • Static Seals
  • Rotary Shaft Seals
  • Reciprocating Seals (Hydraulics/Pneumatics)
  • Basics of Sealing Technology
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Materials and Surfaces
  • Energy Conservation/Friction/Wear
  • Simulation
  • Standardization/Patents/Laws/Test Procedures
  • Applications in Practice

During the conference, an exhibition will take place.
All information about programme attendance is available on the website of the ISC.