FEDA, developing for fourty years

feda_40This year on May 31st the Dutch CETOP member association FEDA celebrated its 40th anniversary. Being a merger of different associations, FEDA has more than 170 members, among them also fluid power companies. The FEDA associated members offer employment for about 30.000 people, who together generate a turnover of 4 billion Euro which makes FEDA one of the strongest technical branch organizations in the Netherlands.

Promotie_VVA-FHP_2002January 11th 1978, a memorable day, on which the 'Trade fair Association specialist in organizing a trade show for "Aandrijftechniek" was founded. Participants in this collaboration were the 'Vereniging Voor Aandrijftechniek' (VVA) and the 'Federatie Hydrauliek en Pneumatiek (FHP)'.

The VVA and FHP have been operating independently for years under the wings of FME. Both participated in the organization for the trade show 'Aandrijftechniek' in Utrecht for many years, which eventually became the event for everyone involved in electrical and mechanical motion solutions, hydraulics and pneumatics. But the world changed, techniques melted together and behind the scenes plans were made to develop a branch organization to unite the different disciplines.

Phased integration
In 2001 André Braakman was introduced to the boards of VVA and FHP by FHP chairman Jan Berendse. After careful consideration, the members of the FHP and VVA gave the green light for merger of the two associations on November 11th 2004. At the end of 2004 André Braakman wrote: 'De market needs solutions now, where different techniques are combined in one flawless product. We can only answer this question with new kinds of collaboration. We made an important step with the merger of FHP and VVA in FEDA, but I don't think it stops here.'

FEDA_40_jaar_taart_bestuurMore synergy
André clearly had a foresight, because late in 2005 also NERATRANS, the Dutch association for producers of gear boxes, joined FEDA. Followed by both the 'GTA (Groep Technische Automatisering)' and the 'KPA (Kring Process Automatiseerders)'. Because of this addition the logo of FEDA also changed with the 'extra A' at the end. Finally, on April 20th 2007, the 'vereniging leveranciers persluchten vacuümtechniek (VIP)' joined. This association just celebrated her 60th anniversary, which brings FEDA up to 200 years of combined experience. If this does not bring a unique chance of synergy, what will?

FEDA_40_jaar_LedeneventFEDA now
A recent milestone was the switch to association management company Atriumgroep at the start of 2016. A change partly initiated by an image and identity study executed in 2015. Current chairman Rob Hommersen about the change: 'Together with Atriumgroep we're building a new and enthusiastic FEDA-team. A team to create added value for our members, with an
opportunity to take a better position in the market. We stand for knowhow, development and innovation. And with a significant market share to contribute to the reputation of the Netherlands in smart and economic technological solutions and services.'

This year on May 31st FEDA celebrated her 40th anniversary with her members on a activity based event. In addition to the fun activities, the role of robotization and a research about the strategy of SMEs were part of the program. A nice boost for the association, where the members offer employment to around 30.000 people, who together generate a turnover of 4 billion euros. Which makes FEDA one of the strongest technical branch organizations in the Netherlands at this moment!