Level of competence

Managing your level of competence

According to your level of edcuation you will be able to assess your competence.

Level 1
Doing activities according to an established procedure. These activities are repetitive or of short duration. If faced with a problem, then calling for assistance or following a set procedure.

Level 2
Carrying out various actions which need an understanding of technical factors. These could lead to an interpretation (tolerances, operating methods) or the application of various and non-repetitive instructions. This can imply checks, simple diagnoses and an ability to react to changes. Team work is often essential.

Level 3
Imply a wide and complex range of activities, using one's initiative and making decisions on certain technical aspects (specifications, resources, processes). The ability to carry out a plan of operation, to identify and remedy errors is an important attribute. For these positions, taking responsibility (work quality, results) is expected.

The CETOP Education Recommendations describe by level the "Competence Based Qualifications" (knowledge and application of the knowledge). The Recommendations are available as download.