DFPTC - The Dutch Fluid Power Transmission Conference

Theme 2019: Intelligent Hydraulic Power Transmission: The influence of electronic intelligence on hydraulic and mechanical drive engineering

For a number of years now, the FEDA branch organization and the Dutch Association for Hydraulics (VPH) have jointly organized the Dutch Fluid Power Transmission Conference - DFPTC for short. On Thursday 10 October 2019, the 9th edition of this interesting and inspiring event will take place. This year theory and practice will be combined in a duo presentation. The different perspectives are given substance by having two or more parties presenting. In addition to a theoretical part, the presentation also includes attention for practice. Think of live demos or hands-on activities with the audience.Themes (Subsession)
Smart machines with feeling. Parker Hannifin and Hobelman Machinebouw discuss modern control technology (IQAN) that has been applied to Hooby excavators. Within this cooperation, the companies have translated the 'feeling' that operators with servo-hydraulic pressure control have into electro-hydraulic control in the right way. This allows operators to keep the 'Fingerspitzengefühl', but there is also the possibility to automate.

A duo presentation by Hägglunds and DOT presents the advantages of 'remote maintenance'. As a concrete example, an offshore wind turbine is discussed. The Hägglunds CMp platform and Machine Health Index, as well as the seawater-hydraulic transmission developed by DOT, will also be discussed.

The third theme is dealt with by CC Jensen and PAMAS. They inform the visitor about the possibilities of automatic and online counting of solid particles in gearbox oil. The oil in a gearbox of a wind turbine is an appealing practical example here, where for the first time a special sensor technology was used.