BFPA celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2019

In the sixty years since its formation, the BFPA has grown from a small group of mutually supportive companies to a major trade association undertaking business on an international scale.
Originally known as the Association of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers (AHEM), the first meeting of the fledgling trade association took place at the George Hotel in Solihull on 8 May 1959. In 2019, the organisation celebrates its sixtieth year as a powerful full-service trade association, namely the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) and the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA).
From the very day of its formation as AHEM, the BFPA has built and maintained a sound reputation among its peers for integrity and has created respected links across many other industrial sectors.

Key dates in the Association's history are captured in the infographic above. They include: the expansion to include pneumatic company members in 1986 which paved the way towards the creation of the British Fluid Power Association, the formation of the BFPDA in 1988, the development of the BFPDA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme and the introduction of the BFPA Training Academy in 2015.