The CETOP Member Association ARTEMA offers itself a new, more dynamic, digital and sustainable image

Deciphering this new forward-looking logo

The gradient from blue to green has several meanings.
As with the blue and gray logo at the time, colors in line with the current era were desired. It marks the transition from a mechanical world (blue) to a dynamic, digital and sustainable world (hence the green color) of which mechatronics is a part.
Digital because "digitalization" is very present in the professions of ARTEMA members, and the work of the professional organization (connected mechanics, communication between machines, predictive maintenance, 5G and soon the metaverse, etc.)
Sustainable because ARTEMA manufacturers continue to invest to improve their environmental impact: their factories are more and more efficient in terms of natural and energy resources. In addition, eco- design and the circular economy are at the heart of their developments: extension of lifespan, disassembly, remanufacturing, repair, reconditioning, recycling, etc.). By nature, mechatronics integrates all these dimensions.

The logotype (text part of the logo)
The new typography is "Futura" and it too is forward-looking by definition. Formerly in lowercase, the word ARTEMA is now written in all capitals and this, in all types of texts. It sends a strong, solid and powerful signal. The professional organization confirms its development and its desire to shine more.

The star-shaped icotype present to the left of the ARTEMA
name is the Mechatronics icon well known to members. This is what unites all ARTEMA professions under the same banner. Its icotype was therefore naturally suggested for the logo. Its place: anchored on the left at the beginning of the reading direction symbolizes the beginning and therefore the origin of the organization.

A simplified baseline
Translation of the desire to open up to all Mechatronics manufacturers. ARTEMA is open to all players in its professions.
It continues to expand its services and partnerships to the outside for the benefit of its members (recently: opening of a collaborative platform and a purchasing platform, creation of "partner member" status)