ARTEMA Platform

After the collaborative platform in 2019: Artema’s members benefit from a new platform that makes their non-strategic purchases easier

Since the 30th of September 2021, Artema moved a step forward with collaborative economics.
From now on, members save time and money when they connect to this new service called in French: Plateforme d’achats Artema.

• Saving money: By pooling the purchases of 30,000 registered companies, they will achieve savings of up to 27% on average on their expenditure in non-strategic purchases.
• Saving time: Their research is optimized; suppliers are already listed. In addition, Artema members avoid the negotiation stage of their framework agreements by benefiting of very advantageous rates already negotiated beforehand.
• Security and individual attention: Access to the platform is secured, users have a dedicated e-mail address and an exclusive hotline if necessary.

The Artema purchasing platform references offers covering various fields: the purchase/rental of vehicles, office supplies, phone services, energy, regulatory control, maintenance of premises, temporary work, sustainable purchases...

In addition to the platform, members can access regular information through webinars related to their concerns.