Finland - FHPA

The Finnish Hydraulics and
Pneumatics Association, FHPA
Kaskitie 12
33540 Tampere
Phone: +358 3 255 0905

FHPA service:
Association maintains useful and
supporting activties for its members
by focusing following main areas in
• Improving the general visibility
and image
• Creation of actual market
information by market and trend
• Launch field by exhibitions and
other activities
• Trading activities and communication
with education institutions
The Finnish Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association, FHPA
Finnish companies, which operate in the Fluid Power business, are members of FHPA, the Finnish Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association, which was founded in 1977. The association currently has 58 member companies, and their combined turnover covers 95 % of the Fluid Power market.
Vision: Target of Association is to maintain successful and progressive field of high technology, which is operating as innovation leader for Finnish industry and is preferred as employer.
Mission: Task of Association is to contribute development in field of hydraulics and pneumatics in Finland and take care of preconditions for success in global activities.